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Aswesuma Scheme Newly Eligible Families 2024

Ministry of Finance announces 3 lakh new families eligible for Aswesuma scheme, bringing total beneficiaries to over 17 lakhs. Appeals being reviewed.
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Aswesuma Scheme Newly Eligible Families 2024

03 lakh more families are newly eligible for Aswesuma scheme

After considering more than 6 lakh Aswesuma appeals and objections, 3 lakh more families are newly eligible for Aswesuma scheme.

Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies has stated that the number of ineligible families is 5,000.

The Finance Minister replied that after considering 640,000 objections and appeals related to Aswesuma Welfare Scheme, 300,000 new families are eligible to join Aswesuma. Shehan Semasinghe issued a statement and mentioned.

Based on this, the number of families receiving Aswesuma benefits has exceeded 17 lakhs, the minister said.

The Minister also said that the July to December installments will be released to the banks soon before the next installment is given to the newly selected families.

Due to appeals and objections, 5,209 families who were getting relief so far have become ineligible and another 2,567 families have gone below the level of benefits they were getting. The minister also pointed out that 50,882 people have increased their concession level.

The minister further informed that nearly 11 lakh appeals and objections have been received and they will be considered and completed soon.

Acting Finance Minister Shehan Samesinghe revealed these issues in a discussion with the Welfare Benefits Board at the Finance Ministry today (18).

Aswesuma New updates :

  • புதிதாக அஸ்வெசும திட்டத்திற்கு தகுதி பெற்ற குடும்பம் : 300,000
  • பரிசீலித்த மேன்முறையீடுகள் : 640,000
  • அஸ்வெசும நலன் பெரும் மொத்த குடும்பம் : 1,792,265
  • இதுவரை அஸ்வெசும நலன் பெற்ற தகுதியற்ற குடும்பம் : 5,209
  • அஸ்வெசும நலனில் இருந்து கீழ் இறங்கிய குடும்பம் : 2,567
  • அஸ்வெசும நலனில் இருந்து மேல் மட்டத்திற்கு சென்ற குடும்பம் : 50,882
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