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University of Colombo Sri Lanka Job Vacancies - Program Assistant 2023

Discover rewarding career prospects as a Program Assistant at the prestigious University of Colombo Sri Lanka in 2023.
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University of Colombo Sri Lanka


Summery of University of Colombo Sri Lanka Job - Program Assistant

Organaization University of Colombo Sri Lanka
Post Program Assistant
Qualification G.C.E (A/L)
Selection Type Written Test
Age 18- 30
Salary Rs. 30,725.00 + Rs.7,800.00
Closing Date 21-11-2023
How to Apply Come to exam with self model Application
Tel No 021 222 3699
Address PGIM Acedamic CenterNo.85, Rodney Sreet
Website University of Colombo Sri Lanka


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University of Colombo Sri Lanka

How to Apply

How to applyUniversity of Colombo Sri Lanka Job - Program Assistant

  • மாதிரி விண்ணப்படிவத்தினை பதிவிறக்கி பூரணப்படுத்த வேண்டும். அதனுடன் உங்களுடைய சான்றிதழ்களின் உறுதிப்படுத்திய நிழல் பிரதிகளையும் அதனை எடுத்துக்கொண்டு விளம்பரத்தில் உள்ள முகவரிக்கு சென்று பரீட்சையில் தோற்ற வேண்டும்.

  • Download and fill the Model application form. Along with this you have to take the attested Photocopies of your certificates and go to the address given in the advertisement and appear in the exam.

  • ආකෘති අයදුම්පත බාගත කර පුරවන්න. මේ සමඟ ඔබේ සහතිකවල සහතික කළ ඡායා පිටපත් රැගෙන දැන්වීමේ දී ඇති ලිපිනයට ගොස් විභාගයට පෙනී සිටිය යුතුය.

Job Materials

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - University of Colombo Sri Lanka Job - Program Assistant

A: The university mentioned in the vacancy announcement is the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

A: The institute mentioned in the announcement is the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

A: The available position is the Post of Programme Assistant (Shroff).

A: There is one vacancy available for the Programme Assistant (Shroff) position.

A: The educational qualifications required are as follows:

  1. Passed the G.C.E (O/L) Examination in six subjects at one sitting with credit passes in Sinhala Language, Tamil Language, English Language, English Literature, and Mathematics.
  2. Passed all subjects at G.C.E (A/L) Examination (except the Common General Paper) at one sitting. (Passing in 3 subjects under the old syllabus at one sitting would be sufficient for this purpose.)
  3. Preference given to those with an acceptable qualification in computer applications of not less than six months from a recognized institute and two years of experience in the use of computer application packages.

A: Applicants should be not less than 18 years and not more than 30 years of age on the closing date of applications.

A: The salary for the Programme Assistant (Shroff) position is Rs. 30,725.00 CLA Rs. 7,800.00.

A: The written test will take place at 9.30 a.m. on 21 November 2023 at the PGIM Academic Centre located at No. 85, Rodney Street, Colombo 08.

A: Interested candidates should bring a self-prepared application, original certificates, and a set of certified copies of their documents.

A: For more information or to contact the relevant authority, you can reach out to the Deputy Registrar at the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, No. 160, Prof Nandadasa Kodagoda Mawatha, Colombo 07.

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Please note that the provided information is based on the provided advertisement. For more accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to directly contact University of Colombo Sri Lanka through the provided contact details.

University of Colombo Sri Lanka

Unlocking Excellence: Navigating the Academic Landscape at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Embarking on an academic journey at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a compelling experience, rich with opportunity and intellectual advancement. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Colombo, the university is a beacon of scholarly excellence, offering a diverse and stimulating academic landscape.

With a proud history dating back to 1870, the University of Colombo stands as a paragon of academic prowess, consistently pushing boundaries and fostering innovation. As you navigate through its hallowed halls, you'll encounter a fusion of tradition and modernity, creating an environment where students are encouraged to excel and evolve.

From its esteemed faculty to its state-of-the-art facilities, the institution becomes the epicenter where dreams are nurtured and potential is realized. Whether you're delving into the realms of science, humanities, or technology, the university's commitment to holistic education ensures that every student finds their niche and blossoms.

Join us as we delve into the multifaceted tapestry of academic life at the University of Colombo, delving into the myriad opportunities that await those who seek to unlock their full potential.

The University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, offers an extensive array of academic programs and faculties that cater to a diverse range of interests and career aspirations. From the Faculty of Arts to the Faculty of Medicine, the university's commitment to academic excellence is evident in its comprehensive offerings. The Faculty of Science stands as a testament to the institution's dedication to fostering a deep understanding of scientific principles and innovative research. Moreover, the Faculty of Management and Finance equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of business and economics.

The university's esteemed faculty members, renowned for their expertise and dedication, play a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape. Their mentorship and guidance provide students with invaluable insights and perspectives, nurturing a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. As a result, students are empowered to explore their academic passions and challenge conventional wisdom, fostering an environment where innovation and creativity flourish.

The University of Colombo's commitment to academic excellence extends beyond traditional disciplines, encompassing emerging fields such as information technology and digital media. By embracing the latest advancements in these domains, the university ensures that its students are equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world, positioning them as catalysts for positive change and progress.

The campus life at the University of Colombo is a vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity, intellectual stimulation, and personal growth. Nestled amidst the bustling city of Colombo, the university's campus serves as a melting pot of ideas and experiences, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among its students. The lush greenery and architectural splendor of the campus create an idyllic setting for students to engage in meaningful interactions and academic pursuits.

The state-of-the-art facilities at the University of Colombo are designed to enhance the learning experience and provide students with access to resources that facilitate holistic development. The library, a treasure trove of knowledge and information, offers a vast collection of academic literature and digital resources, serving as a hub for research and intellectual exploration. Additionally, the university's modern laboratories and research centers provide students with the tools and infrastructure necessary to engage in groundbreaking research and practical applications of theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, the campus is replete with recreational and sports facilities that cater to the holistic well-being of students, encouraging them to pursue a balanced lifestyle. From sports grounds to cultural centers, the university's facilities are designed to nurture not only academic excellence but also personal growth and self-expression, creating a conducive environment for students to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

At the University of Colombo, the well-being and success of students are paramount, and as such, the institution offers a comprehensive array of support services aimed at addressing the diverse needs of its student body. The student support services encompass academic guidance, career counseling, mental health resources, and extracurricular development opportunities, ensuring that students receive holistic support throughout their academic journey.

The academic guidance services provided by the university are tailored to assist students in navigating the complexities of their chosen fields of study. Whether it's course selection, academic planning, or research assistance, students have access to mentors and advisors who provide personalized guidance and support, empowering them to make informed decisions and maximize their academic potential.

In addition to academic support, the university's career counseling services are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive professional landscape. From resume building to interview preparation, students are provided with the tools and resources to embark on their career pathways with confidence and clarity.

Furthermore, the university's commitment to mental health and well-being is evident in its provision of counseling and wellness resources, ensuring that students have access to support systems that prioritize their emotional and psychological welfare. By fostering a culture of empathy and understanding, the University of Colombo creates a nurturing environment where students can flourish academically and personally.

The University of Colombo stands as a bastion of research and innovation, driving the frontiers of knowledge and contributing to the global body of scholarly work. With a commitment to fostering a culture of inquiry and discovery, the university's research endeavors span a wide spectrum of disciplines, from the natural sciences to the social sciences, yielding impactful insights and breakthroughs.

The university's research centers and laboratories serve as incubators for cutting-edge research, providing students and faculty members with the infrastructure and resources necessary to engage in pioneering investigations and experiments. Whether it's unraveling the mysteries of the natural world or unraveling the complexities of societal dynamics, the University of Colombo's research initiatives are anchored in a spirit of intellectual curiosity and rigorous inquiry.

Moreover, the institution's commitment to innovation is evident in its collaborations with industry partners and governmental bodies, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where academic research translates into tangible solutions and advancements that address real-world challenges. By nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, the University of Colombo empowers its students and faculty to be at the forefront of transformative change and progress.

The University of Colombo offers a vibrant tapestry of student organizations and extracurricular activities that enrich the academic experience and foster a sense of community and belonging. From cultural clubs to academic societies, the university provides students with a myriad of opportunities to engage in meaningful pursuits outside the classroom, nurturing their passions and talents.

The student organizations at the University of Colombo serve as platforms for students to cultivate leadership skills, build networks, and contribute to causes they are passionate about. Whether it's organizing cultural festivals, advocating for social justice, or spearheading environmental initiatives, students have the opportunity to make a tangible impact and leave a lasting legacy within the university community and beyond.

Additionally, the extracurricular activities offered by the university encompass a diverse range of interests, catering to the holistic development of students. From sports teams to performing arts ensembles, the university provides students with avenues to pursue their passions and hobbies, fostering a well-rounded experience that goes beyond academic achievements.

The illustrious alumni of the University of Colombo stand as testaments to the institution's commitment to nurturing future leaders and change-makers. From trailblazing entrepreneurs to distinguished academics, the university's alumni network comprises individuals who have made indelible marks in their respective fields, embodying the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines the institution.

The success stories of the university's alumni serve as sources of inspiration and mentorship for current students, showcasing the myriad pathways to success and the transformative impact of a University of Colombo education. Through their accomplishments and contributions, the alumni demonstrate the enduring legacy of the institution and its role in shaping visionary leaders who have the potential to effect positive change on a global scale.

Furthermore, the university's alumni network serves as a valuable resource for current students, providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and professional guidance that enrich their academic journey and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that await beyond graduation. By fostering a strong and interconnected alumni community, the University of Colombo ensures that its students are equipped with the support and resources necessary to thrive in their respective careers and endeavors.

The admission process to the University of Colombo is designed to identify and nurture the brightest minds and most promising talents, ensuring that the institution continues to uphold its legacy of academic excellence and intellectual innovation. Prospective students are required to meet the stipulated academic standards and requirements, which vary depending on the chosen academic program and faculty.

The university's admission committee carefully evaluates each applicant based on academic merit, extracurricular achievements, and personal statements, seeking individuals who exhibit a passion for learning, a spirit of inquiry, and a commitment to contributing meaningfully to the university community. Moreover, the institution places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, striving to create a student body that reflects a wide spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

Furthermore, the university provides prospective students with access to comprehensive information and resources regarding the admission process and requirements, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the application journey. From application deadlines to required documentation, the university's admissions office offers guidance and support to prospective students, empowering them to navigate the process with confidence and ease.

The University of Colombo is committed to ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder deserving students from accessing quality education and realizing their academic aspirations. As such, the institution offers a range of scholarships and financial aid programs that are designed to support students who demonstrate exceptional academic potential, leadership capabilities, and financial need.

The university's scholarship programs encompass a diverse range of criteria, catering to students from various academic disciplines and backgrounds. Whether it's merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, or talent-specific awards, the institution strives to recognize and reward students who exhibit exemplary achievements and contributions, fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity.

Moreover, the university's financial aid office provides students with comprehensive guidance and support in navigating the intricacies of securing financial assistance, ensuring that they have access to the resources and information necessary to make informed decisions about funding their education. By prioritizing accessibility and equity, the University of Colombo endeavors to empower all students to pursue their academic ambitions without being encumbered by financial burdens.

As we conclude our exploration of the academic landscape at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, it becomes evident that the institution stands as a beacon of scholarly excellence and intellectual advancement, offering a dynamic and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to unlock their full potential and embark on transformative academic journeys.

From its comprehensive academic programs and esteemed faculty to its state-of-the-art facilities and robust support services, the University of Colombo provides students with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to thrive academically and personally. The institution's commitment to research and innovation, coupled with its vibrant student organizations and extracurricular activities, ensures that students are equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world and make meaningful contributions to society.

For those considering embarking on an academic journey at the University of Colombo, the next steps involve thorough exploration of the academic programs, engagement with the university community, and diligent preparation for the admission process. By embracing the rich tapestry of opportunities that await at the University of Colombo, students have the potential to unlock excellence and embark on a transformative educational odyssey that will shape their futures and contribute to the greater good.

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