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Commercial Bank Job Vacancy - Executive Assistant (KYC) 2023

Explore exciting job opportunities as an Executive Assistant (KYC) at a leading Commercial Bank Job Vacancy in 2023.
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Commercial Bank Job Vacancies 2023


Summery of Executive Assistant (KYC) Job Vacancies at Commercial Bank

Organaization Commercial Bank
Post Executive Assistant (KYC)
Qualification G.C.E (O/L) + G.C.E (A/L)
Age Below 28
Experiance 2-3 years of work experience
Salary Not Mention
Closing Date 12-11-2023
How to Apply Send Resume (CV) by E-mail


Paper Advertisement of Executive Assistant (KYC) Job Vacancies at Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank Job Vacancies 2023

How to Apply

How to apply Executive Assistant (KYC) Job Vacancies at Commercial Bank

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  • The application form or CV should be sent by going to the "Apply Here" section.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Executive Assistant (KYC) Job Vacancies at Commercial Bank

The job title for this vacancy is Executive Assistant - Video KYC Unit (Fixed Term Contract).

The responsibilities of an Executive Assistant in the Video KYC Unit include conducting video KYC verification processes, guiding customers through the video KYC process, verifying customer identities, ensuring accurate completion of documentation, and maintaining records of customer verification processes.

The applicant should be below 28 years of age and have passed G.C.E (O/L) with 06 subjects, including Mathematics and English with 05 "C" passes in a single sitting, or passed Edexcel or Cambridge (O/L) examination with 06 subjects, including 03 "B" passes in Mathematics and English and 03 "C" passes in a single sitting. Additionally, the applicant should have passed G.C.E (A/L) with 03 'S' passes for main subjects (excluding general English) or 03 "C" passes at Edexcel or Cambridge (A/L) in a single sitting. Experience in banking, compliance, or a related field, with a strong focus on KYC, AML, or customer onboarding, will be an advantage. Excellent communication skills in written and verbal forms are also required.

The objective of the Video KYC Unit is to conduct secure and compliant customer verification processes to confirm the identity of prospective customers.

Interested candidates can submit their applications with all relevant information via email to The subject of the email should mention the respective post.

Yes, applications should be submitted within 10 days of the advertisement.

Successful candidates will be provided with an attractive remuneration package, including fringe benefits, commensurate with benchmarked financial institutions.

The website of Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC is

The email address for submitting applications is

Experience in banking, compliance, or a related field, with a strong focus on KYC, AML, or customer onboarding, will be an advantage for this position.

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Please note that the provided information is based on the provided advertisement. For more accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to directly contact Commercial Bank through the provided contact details.

About this Job

Unveiling the Ultimate Guide to Landing the Executive Assistant Job at a Commercial Bank in 2023

Are you ready to step into the fast-paced world of commercial banking as an executive assistant? Landing the perfect job in 2023 requires a comprehensive understanding of what sets you apart from the competition.

In this ultimate guide, we unveil the essential strategies and insider tips to help you secure the executive assistant position at a commercial bank. From polishing your resume to acing the interviews, we've got you covered every step of the way. We'll dive into the specific skills and qualifications that top commercial banks are seeking in their executive assistants, giving you a competitive edge in the hiring process.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, this guide is your key to unlocking exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of commercial banking. Get ready to elevate your career and make your mark in the industry.

The role of an executive assistant at a commercial bank is pivotal in ensuring the smooth functioning of the bank's operations. Executive assistants play a crucial role in providing high-level administrative support to top executives, managing their schedules, and handling confidential information with utmost professionalism. They act as the primary point of contact between the executives and internal/external stakeholders, requiring exceptional communication and organizational skills. Additionally, executive assistants are often involved in preparing reports, coordinating meetings, and handling travel arrangements for the executives they support.

Having a solid grasp of the responsibilities and expectations associated with the role of an executive assistant in a commercial bank is fundamental to preparing for a successful career in this field. As the financial industry continues to evolve, the role of executive assistants in commercial banking is also evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities for professionals aiming to excel in this domain.

Commercial banks seek executive assistants who possess a blend of educational qualifications, relevant experience, and a set of specialized skills that align with the demands of the role. A bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, or a related field is often preferred, coupled with prior experience in administrative support roles within the banking or financial services sector. Proficiency in office productivity software, strong organizational abilities, and impeccable time-management skills are non-negotiable requirements for aspiring executive assistants.

Furthermore, commercial banks value executive assistants who demonstrate adaptability, discretion, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. The ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritize effectively, and maintain a high level of accuracy in all administrative duties is highly sought after. Moreover, excellent written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, and a customer-centric mindset are essential attributes that differentiate top candidates in the competitive landscape of executive assistant recruitment in commercial banking.

Your executive assistant resume and cover letter are your first opportunities to make a lasting impression on potential employers in the commercial banking sector. Crafting a standout resume involves showcasing your professional experience, educational background, and key achievements in a clear and concise manner. Tailoring your resume to highlight relevant skills such as calendar management, travel coordination, and financial reporting will significantly enhance your chances of securing an interview.

When it comes to the cover letter, personalize your introduction to the prospective employer, expressing your genuine interest in the specific organization and articulating how your skills and experience align with the requirements of the executive assistant role. Emphasize your ability to handle confidential information, support high-profile executives, and contribute to the efficient operation of the bank. A well-crafted cover letter serves as a compelling narrative that complements your resume and sets the stage for a favorable consideration of your application.

Navigating the application process for executive assistant positions in commercial banking requires a strategic approach. Start by leveraging professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with individuals in the banking industry and gain insights into potential job openings. Researching the websites of leading commercial banks and utilizing specialized job search engines can help you identify relevant opportunities and submit tailored applications.

As you progress through the application process, it's essential to maintain a meticulous approach to detail. Double-check your application materials for accuracy, ensuring that they align with the specific requirements outlined in the job postings. Tailoring your resume and cover letter for each application demonstrates your commitment to pursuing executive assistant roles in commercial banking and sets you apart as a diligent and attentive candidate.

The executive assistant job interview presents a prime opportunity to showcase your qualifications, skills, and professional demeanor to the hiring panel. Thorough preparation is key to exuding confidence and competence during the interview process. Familiarize yourself with the commercial bank's organizational structure, key executives, and recent industry developments to demonstrate your genuine interest in the institution.

Anticipate interview questions related to your experience in managing executive calendars, handling confidential information, and addressing challenging administrative situations. Prepare concise yet impactful responses that highlight your ability to thrive in a dynamic and demanding environment. Additionally, practice your communication and interpersonal skills to effectively convey your value proposition as an executive assistant within the commercial banking setting. Leveraging mock interviews with friends or professional mentors can help you refine your responses and enhance your interview performance.

The commercial banking industry presents a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape with unique challenges and opportunities for executive assistants. From navigating stringent regulatory requirements to supporting executives in making strategic financial decisions, the role of an executive assistant in commercial banking demands adaptability and a deep understanding of the industry's nuances. Staying abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and emerging best practices is essential for executive assistants seeking to thrive in this environment.

The opportunity to work closely with top executives in commercial banking provides invaluable exposure to the intricacies of financial management, risk assessment, and client relationship management. Executive assistants have the chance to contribute meaningfully to the success of the bank, often serving as trusted confidants and strategic partners to the executives they support. Embracing the challenges and opportunities inherent in the commercial banking industry positions executive assistants for a rewarding and impactful career trajectory.

Building a robust professional network and pursuing continuous professional development are integral components of a successful career as an executive assistant in commercial banking. Actively engage in networking events, industry conferences, and online forums to connect with fellow professionals, gain industry insights, and expand your professional circle. Establishing meaningful connections with executives, senior administrators, and peers within the banking sector can open doors to new opportunities and foster professional growth.

Moreover, investing in ongoing professional development through relevant courses, certifications, and workshops enhances your skill set and demonstrates your commitment to excellence in the field. Specialized training in financial software, project management, and leadership skills can position you as a well-rounded and capable executive assistant, equipped to navigate the complexities of the commercial banking environment with confidence and proficiency.

The job prospects for executive assistants in commercial banking remain promising in 2023, with opportunities available across various tiers of banking institutions, from multinational banks to regional financial firms. As the industry continues to innovate and expand, the demand for skilled executive assistants capable of supporting senior executives and contributing to operational efficiency is expected to grow. Candidates who possess a comprehensive understanding of the banking landscape, coupled with a strong skill set and a proactive mindset, are poised to thrive in this competitive job market.

In terms of salary expectations, executive assistants in commercial banking can anticipate competitive compensation packages that align with their experience, qualifications, and the specific demands of the role. Salaries may vary based on factors such as geographic location, the size of the financial institution, and the complexity of executive support responsibilities. As you progress in your career as an executive assistant in commercial banking, opportunities for salary advancement and career progression become attainable through consistent performance and continuous professional development.

Aspiring executive assistants in commercial banking can leverage a wealth of online resources and courses to augment their knowledge and skill set. Platforms offering courses in administrative support, financial management, and executive assistance provide valuable learning opportunities tailored to the demands of the banking industry. Online communities, discussion forums, and webinars focused on executive assistant best practices offer insights into industry-specific challenges and effective strategies for success.

Additionally, exploring resources related to banking regulations, financial reporting standards, and organizational leadership can deepen your understanding of the commercial banking landscape, further enhancing your expertise as an executive assistant. Embracing continuous learning through reputable online resources equips you with the knowledge and proficiency necessary to excel in the dynamic and multifaceted role of an executive assistant within the commercial banking sector.

In conclusion, securing the executive assistant position at a commercial bank in 2023 requires meticulous preparation, a strategic approach to the application process, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. By understanding the unique responsibilities of the role, honing essential skills, and leveraging networking opportunities, aspiring executive assistants can position themselves for success in the dynamic world of commercial banking. Embrace the challenges, capitalize on the opportunities, and showcase your value as a competent and resourceful executive assistant, ready to contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of the commercial bank you aspire to join.

As you embark on your journey to pursue executive assistant roles in commercial banking, remember to tailor your application materials, prepare diligently for interviews, and stay attuned to industry trends and best practices. Your proactive approach, coupled with a strong foundation of skills and industry knowledge, will set you apart as a standout candidate, poised to excel in the fast-paced and rewarding environment of commercial banking. With the insights and strategies unveiled in this ultimate guide, you're well-equipped to navigate the path to securing the executive assistant job at a commercial bank and charting a successful career trajectory in this dynamic and impactful industry.

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