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Selected Name List Released : National Colleges of Education 2023/2024

Check the selected name list for NCoE/Vidyapeeta teaching course admissions 2023 (2024) released by the Ministry of Education for interviews.
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Selected Name List Released : National Colleges of Education 2023/2024

National Colleges of Education 2023 (2024) Selection List

Result Release 12th June 2024
Released By Ministry of Education Sri Lanka (MOE)

Below is the list of candidates who will be called for the interview to assess their eligibility for the courses mentioned below for the aforementioned recruitment.

Interview List of National Colleges of Education
01 Primary Education (Sinhala)
02 Primary Education (Tamil)
03 Science (Sinhala)
04 Science (Tamil)
05 Science (English)
06 Mathematics (Sinhala)
07 Mathematics (Tamil)
08Mathematics (English)
09Social Science (Sinhala)
10 Social Science (Tamil)
14Catholicism / Christianity (Sinhala)
15Catholicism / Christianity (Tamil)
16First Language (Sinhala)
17First Language (Tamil)
18 English
19Art (Sinhala)
20Art (Tamil)
21Dancing (Oriental)
22Dancing (Bharata)
23Music (Oriental)
24Music (Carnatic)
25Western Music (English)
26Drama and Theatre (Sinhala)
27Drama and Theatre (Tamil)
28Health and Physical Education (Sinhala)
29Health and Physical Education (Tamil)
30Health and Physical Education (English)
31Home Economics (Sinhala)
32Home Economics (Tamil)
33Agriculture and Food Technology (Sinhala)
34Agriculture and Food Technology (Tamil)
35Art and Crafts (Sinhala)
36Art and Crafts (Tamil)
37 Design and Construction Technology (Sinhala)
38Design and Mechanical Technology (Sinhala)
39Design, Electrical and Electronic Technology (Sinhala)
40Design and Construction Technology (Tamil)
41 Design and Mechanical Technology (Tamil)
42Design, Electrical and Electronic Technology (Tamil)
43Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (English)
44Second Language (Sinhala)
45Second Language (Tamil)
46Special Education (Sinhala)
47Special Education (Tamil)
48Business and Accounting Studies (Sinhala)
49Business and Accounting Studies (Tamil)
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